How to install Microsoft SQL ( MSSQL )

1. Download and RunĀ MSSQL 2008 Express Click Here

-Wait for it to finish extracting

-If this message pops out press ok. This will install the required .net framework for mssql 2008 r2

2. SQL Server Installation Center will show up. Click the New Installion or add feature to an exisitng installation.

3. a setup will show up. accept the license term and hit next.

wait for the support files to be installed

4. Feature selection, make sure you select all the feature and hit next

5. Instance configuration, you have an option to change it or let it be then hit next

6. Server configuration let it be dont change anything and hit next

7. Database Engine Configuration on the authentication mode choose Mix mode and input the password for your mssql database make sure it is strong enough or else the setup wont accept it then hit next.

8. Error reporting just hit neext

9. Wait for the setup to finish.

if everything went well this message will show on the setup and you are done.

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